Memoirs of a Geisha, with interruptions – Published: 19 Mar 2010

Modern life is rubbish, we all know that. And we’re comfortable with it.

Part of the rubbishness is that everything is fragmented now. We don’t watch telly together anymore, because unless it’s an app on our phones were not interested.

Except that isn’t the case. We still want to sit down to watch TV.

It’s the TV channels that are a mess, not the audience. Here’s what I mean…

Watching Memoirs of a Geisha the other day on FIVE made me realise why I no longer trust the TV to give me TV.

Memoirs of a Geisha tells a huge story. The titular Geisha, who has loved a man since she was a child, has lived through horrors, war, revenge, exploitation and a form of crushing tradition that’s hard to imagine, finally comes together with the man her heart always yearned for.

It’s a tearful, joyful moment in an enchanted garden. They finally kiss! And as if out of respect, the camera bows to the reflection in the pond. Then, right on cue, this pops up…

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

I was so bewildered I paused it and took this picture. And then I blogged it via a special phone app.


A visitor‘ left this comment on 27 Aug 10
Because the audience will all be reaching for their remotes to see what high quality, yet affordable, jewellery is available on QVC NOW! unless they are informed RIGHT THIS MINUTE that Robson Greene is riding over that hill to save your viewing pleasure, like Gandalf at Helm’s Deep, bearing aloft his shining (extreme) fishing rod.
And now some childishness… 

Simon Russell Beale

Who wouldn’t fall about laughing three quarters of the way into Simon Russell Beale’s rather good series Sacred Music after hearing this….?

Simon Russell Beale mp3.